Maximum Lift: Best 5 to 10 Ton Floor Jacks

When it comes to lifting a fleet of commercial trucks, motorhomes, buses, or other heavy-duty vehicles, you want a well built service jack with a lift capacity that you can depend on. When shopping for a heavy duty jack, look for a product with solid construction, long frame, ergonomic handle, and foot pedal to provide an easy user experience without skimping on durability or strength.

You’ll find that most 5, 6, and 10 ton floor jacks are built very similarly and only small features set them apart. They look a bit different than your typical 3-ton jack or truck jack. Take a look at our top picks for best 5-ton floor jack (and 10-ton floor jack) that your money can buy.

Top Pick:

ATD 7390 5-Ton Long Chassis Service Jack

This 5-ton service jack model by ATD is all around the most impressive 5-ton model on the market. To begin, the safety features on this jack are notably of the utmost importance. A built-in safety overload feature prevents this jack from going over its maximum weight capacity, meaning you can rest assured when you are preforming your work on heavy loads. While made in Taiwan may initially turn off some readers, I’m here to tell you Taiwanese quality when it comes to tools is quite good.

With a weight of about 175 pounds, the ATD-7390 is plenty heavy duty and you’ll never have to worry about the frame twisting. The maximum lift height of 27 inches is really impressive and that’s what sets this model apart. Where you may barely be able to get a tire off the ground with other 5-ton jacks, you can lift it inches higher with the ATD for much easier access. Those who’ve been there know what I’m talking about.

This floor jack has a handle actuated release valve and convenient foot pedal, both which allow for precise, user-controlled lowering speeds. The long chassis design also has a wide stance as well as a low center of gravity for increased stability under high-pressure loads. All of these features combined with its heavy-gauge steel frame and relatively lightweight design make this a great choice for a large floor jack. The drawback of this model definitely lies within its long chassis, which makes it more difficult to store in smaller garages. However, if you have the room, you’re not going to find a better 5-ton hydraulic jack at this price point.

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Runners Up:

OTC 1505B 5-Ton Service Jack

best-5-ton-floor-jackOTC hydraulic jacks have a good reputation and this super heavy duty 1505B 5-ton floor jack is no exception. Again, safety being of the utmost importance, this product meets all ASME/ANSI-PALD safety standards.

Weighing over 200 lbs, it’s a beast but surprisingly easy to move around. While the lifting range (6-inches to 22-inches) isn’t as impressive as the ATD, it does have a lower minimum clearance which may be needed for certain applications.

Not only does it have the strength necessary for bigger projects, it also has multiple features that allow for an enhanced user experience. It features a convenient foot pedal that speeds up the lifting process as well as a handle lock and release control conveniently located on top of the 40-inch, spring loaded handle. The handle itself can also be locked in your choice of a vertical or horizontal position.

heavy-duty-service-jackThe drawbacks to this product include its price (at the top of the price-point for other 5-ton service jacks) as well as the fact that it’s made in China, which can be a deterrent for some. Besides these drawbacks, it’s a highly impressive piece of machinery, perfect for heavy-duty and light-duty truck and SUV applications.

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OTC 5210 10 Ton Heavy Duty Service Jack

When a 5-ton capacity simply isn’t enough for your needs, you can go with a 6-ton floor jack or simply move to the 10-ton capacity tier. Fortunately, the monster OTC 5210 doesn’t disappoint here. The build quality on this bulletproof service jack will put generics to shame.

Weighing over 270 pounds and over 5 feet long, it’s easier to maneuver than expected, partly due to the well designed ergonomic handle and high quality polyamide casters. That said, it is 270 pounds so you won’t exactly be moving it around like a typical aluminum model. A built-in tray on top is a nice feature.

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