Best High Lift Floor Jacks for Trucks and SUVs

While the average floor jack is perfect for your car, what about a larger vehicle, such as full-size truck, Jeep Wrangler, RV, or SUV? These are much heavier vehicles and often require a higher clearance when lifting. High lift jacks make the best floor jack for trucks, SUVs, and other large vehicles due to their higher max clearance and superior durability.

Tip:  Don’t forget a set of heavy duty jack stands that are rated for the extra weight of trucks as well as a good shop creeper to make things easier when on a smooth surface.

Our 6 Favorite High Lift Floor Jacks for Trucks

ProductTypeLoad CapacityMax Lift Height
Hi-Lift HL484 (48")High Lift7,000 lbs.38.5"
Arcan XL2TFloor Jack4,000 lbs.24"
Hi-Lift XT485 X-TREME (48")High Lift7,000 lbs.38.5"
OTC 9320 StingerBottle Jack20 tons20.5"
ARB 72X10 Bushranger X-JackInflatable Jack4,400 lbs.31"
Torin Big Red 83006Floor Jack6,000 lbs.21"

High Lift Floor Jack Reviews

The following high lift floor jacks are what we consider to be the creme of the crop. Each of these have a high load rating and good clearance. Additionally, they are well-built and can retain durability under heavy use.

Have a really big rig? You may need to move up to a heavy duty 5 ton floor jack model.

#1 – Hi-Lift HL484

Made from a mixture of cast and stamped steel parts, this farm jack was designed for durability and is a favorite of Jeep and other off-road enthusiasts. The two-piece handle and socket has a rated load capacity of 4,660 pounds and a tested load capacity of 7,000 pounds. A shear bolt prevents the jack from being used on any loads greater than 7,000 pounds for improved safety.

The Hi-Lift HL484 model is the most popular 48″ size but other Hi-Lift heights exist as shown in the chart below:

Bar LengthMin Lift HeightMax Lift Height

Of those who own this jack, a large percentage keep it as a backup for when doing off-road activities or on surfaces where a standard jack isn’t stable enough. They note that the jack itself is built to last and will work for a variety of tasks where a jack is needed. Adding a board underneath the base will allow this off road jack to function even better in muddy or uneven ground.

Shipping has been a problem for some with this tool. Customers have often received damaged packaging, with paint chipped off of the contents. As the instructions and safety information are incorporated into the surface, this has resulted in information being lost during the chipping. This surface damage thankfully doesn’t affect the jack itself, which is quite durable.

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#2 – Arcan XL2T Floor Jack

It’s almost odd to classify our favorite low profile jack as a jack for trucks, but that’s what happens when you have a lifting range from 2.75″ to 24″ (a typical floor jack maxes out at around 18″). This steel service jack has a long 32.5 inch chassis to help you safely raise most loads. Its dual pump action helps raise the load quickly. With its ultra low profile and long chassis, you can even reach an engine jack point on some vehicles. It also has a max load rating of two tons, making this tool indispensable for small to mid-size trucks and SUVs.

Consumers love the low clearance of this jack, as well as the overall durability. They also compliment the height-per-pump ratio. Many users state it works well on lifted trucks and not just low-clearance vehicles. Because of the design, it’s not lightweight, tipping the scales at about 97 pounds. Fortunately, the steel casters allow for good manueverability.

The handle of the XL2T has been a little loose for some owners. There have also been a few issues with the casters all touching a smooth surface without first bearing a load. A few complaints have revolved around missing or damaged parts which may be related to shipping issues or a factory problem. As a result, we recommend testing this jack out as soon as it arrives to expose any problems before the jack is needed for a job.

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#3 – Hi-Lift XT485 X-TREME

The second Hi-Lift entry in our list may resemble the HL484 at a quick glance, but the XT485 is designed to take even more abuse. Starting with a charcoal metallic powder coating and gold zinc coating on the winch, clamp, and spreader, this jack won’t be rusting any time soon.

The Hi-Lift XT485 is the most popular 48″ size but other Hi-Lift heights exist as shown in the chart below:

Bar LengthMin Lift HeightMax Lift Height

The top also incorporates a unique winch/clamp/spreader clamp instead of the standard clamp-clevis on the HL484, allowing this jack to perform multiple functions from a single position.

This jack lives up to its name, with people buying it for their Wrangler, lifted trucks, or other heavy vehicles. A few have even used multiple XT485s for lifting entire structures! This jack is very heavy, but the weight is justified by just how well it holds up to even the most difficult of tasks.

Consumers have had a few issues with the coating on this jack, which some has been damaged in transit. The exposed portions rust quickly, making the coating only as effective as its coverage. This issue is one that’s not easily solved, so we advise potential buyers to keep the tool dry as a precaution.

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#4 – OTC 9320 Stinger Bottle Jack

This high lift bottle jack has a forged base and cylinder to reduce the risk of leaks. Its in-line design makes it easier to position and use, while the piston pump and ram are chrome for superior rust resistance. Built for power, this jack can lift a whopping 20 tons to a maximum height of 20-7/16 inches. For a bottle jack, that’s about as high of a lift height you can get but nothing comes close to its lift capacity.

OTC includes a two-year limited warranty and free patch kit to further extend the life of this no-nonsense jack.

Owners of this bottle jack usually buy it to replace the stock jack that came with their vehicle. A few have used it to help shift heavy machinery in their workshop. In both instances, the jack has performed at or beyond expectations in almost every instance.

There have been very few issues with this jack, although it can have issues with a few specific models which have lift points less than 11 inches high. In those cases, it simply doesn’t provide enough clearance. To avoid encountering this problem yourself, try estimating the required clearance height for your vehicle before ordering.

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#5 – ARB 72X10 X-Jack Inflatable Jack

Certainly the most unusual design in our list, the X-Jack is inflated using your vehicle’s exhaust or a portable air compressor. The hard core insert and triple layer top give extra protection and stability. Triangular shaped feet and a naturally wide footprint make this jack invaluable for unstable terrain such as mud or snow.

Owners of this inflatable jack have found it a perfect companion for off-road activities. The inflatable nature means some caution must be followed to avoid puncture, but the overall effectiveness is well worth a little sensible caution for those who have needed the 72X10 under hostile conditions.

Due to the design of this jack, it doesn’t work so well on a normal, solid surface. Consumers have occasionally had problems with it rolling or failing to properly inflate when used in their garage. For this reason, it is best to keep a normal jack on-hand for regular maintenance work.

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#6 – Torin Big Red 83006 Trolley Jack

This cheap 3-ton truck and SUV jack remains one of our favorites. The neck features a removable extension, giving a lift range of 6 to 21 inches. Perfect for lifting small to mid-size SUVs like the CRV, Explorer, or Durango without the long neck extension, the added length makes it perfect for many higher profile vehicles, such as the Jeep Wrangler. Fully rotating casters make it easy to move this trolley-style jack, which has a max lift capacity of three tons.

The small base of this model restricts it from any further extensions, which would affect its stability. Some users report a degree of success by placing the jack on a plank, although we advise caution if you intend to do this. In a few cases, the Big Red has arrived with insufficient hydraulic fluid, so you’ll want to check that just in case. All in all, the Torin Big Red is a good inexpensive option for many SUVs and trucks.

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Common Questions Regarding High Lifting Jacks

High lifting jacks are a bit different from the jacks you might be used to using. Unlike a standard floor jack, these are designed to lift higher-sitting loads, such as SUVs, lifted trucks, and farm equipment. Some function well for mechanical repairs, while others are specialized recovery tools.

How do you use a Hi-Lift jack?

There are a number of different high lifting jacks out there, but the jacks made by Hi-Lift are a bit different from what you might be used to in a typical floor jack.

Note that it is always best to first lubricate the bolts and joints of this jack and use it briefly with no load to ensure the tool is in proper working order before attempting to lift anything. These jacks can be very dangerous if not used properly, so testing prior to each use is an important precaution.

The front and back of many larger vehicles will have recovery points. These points are rectangular holes in the frame with a slot at the bottom known as a T-slot.

  1. Place your Hi-Lift on its base to give it more stability, if dealing with soft or uneven terrain. The base is available separately from Hi-Lift, as are repair kits and accessories.
  2. Slide the jack into the T-slot closest to where you need to lift.
  3. Pull the pin up to lock the jack in place.
  4. Begin to pump the handle in an up and down motion to raise the vehicle, making sure to always keep your head away from the handle in case of a slip.
  5. When lowering the vehicle, never attempt to grab the handle if it slips from your grasp.

On vehicles without recovery points, you can use a Lift-Mate, which connects to your vehicle’s wheel. Secure the hooks on the wheel hub and insert the jack, proceeding as you would with a regular recovery point.

Note that the Hi-Lift jack can be used in conjunction with a winch and may also be used to move a vehicle sideways. It was designed for recovery operations, and not for standard mechanical work. Therefore, you should always keep a regular jack with your repair equipment in addition to the Hi-Lift.

Can you increase the lift height of a regular floor jack?

The answer to this question depends largely upon the size of your jack compared to the job. If the jack is too small, then you need a bigger jack. However, if the problem is needing just a few more inches of height, then you can use a floor jack extender to give you that necessary boost.

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