The Best Low Profile Floor Jack Reviewed

For vehicles that are particularly LOW to the ground (sports cars, lowered vehicles, show cars, etc.), you need a jack that can not only lift them high enough for your maintenance or repair needs, but also get low enough to reach under their side panels. The best low profile floor jack will do both these things well while not completely draining your bank account. Add a set of car jack stands and wheel chocks and you’re set.

When searching for a standard low profile car jack, there are a number of viable options. However, some lowered imports, classic cars, or sports cars may need a jack that is specifically designed with ultra low profile vehicles in mind. Take a look at our top picks for low profile floor jacks currently on the market.

Top Pick:

Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

This 2-ton low profile steel jack by Arcan is an impressive piece of machinery. To begin, this model provides a true low profile that allows it to get under almost any vehicle and lift it significantly higher than any of this product’s competitors. Its ability to do so lies in its extra-long 32-inch chassis. Of all the different types of floor jacks, this model has a height range that begins at an incredibly low 2.75 inches to an equally impressive 24-inch height maximum. When it comes to ultra low profile, this product fits the bill.

This model by Arcan provides all of this while still passing the 2009 ASME PALD standard, the industry’s leading safety regulation for lift equipment. This low profile jack also features a dual pump for rapid lifting as well as a universal joint release mechanism for precise user control. Combine this with its welded front axle, 3/16″ steel side-plates, and robust 97 lb. weight, and its obvious that this jack is perfect for professionals and at-home mechanics alike.

top-rated-ultra-low-profile-jackUsers rave about how perfect this jack is for ultra low profile vehicles. This isn’t just a low forward jack, it has the ability to reach an engine jack point on a variety of classic cars without having to pre-jack the vehicle. For a jack with such a low clearance, it’s also one of the best truck and SUV jacks due to its max lift height. That’s something most low profile jacks simply can’t do. It is one of the only jacks available that has both a deep reaching, low profile base as well as an incredibly impressive lift capacity. Simply put, this jack is the best at what it does.

Because of the long chassis design which makes the low clearance possible, extra weight is a necessary side effect. That’s something to keep in mind if portability is a big requirement. Only other issue is some users reporting inconsistencies in product manufacturing. This seems pretty rare, though Arcan is pretty good about honoring their product’s 1-year warranty which guarantees the repair or replacement of any unit that proves to be defective in workmanship. That means you can rest assured that this product is going to work for you and your low profile needs.

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Runners Up:

JEGS 80006 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

This model by JEGS (well-known in the racing world) has a minimum saddle height of only 3 ½”, making it perfect for any low-profile vehicle. This jack weighs in at only 49 lbs. and has a lift capacity of 2-tons, making it incredibly portable and perfect for smaller vehicles (a Miata would be a good example of an ideal car candidate). Perfect to take to the drag strip, lapping days, or autocross course. Users love the slick paint-job, but don’t let appearances fool you, this is also an incredibly functional jack.

The JEGS 80006 features a unique grip that reduces slippage and dual side handles for increased maneuverability. JEGS also has a jack skid plate accessory available for this product (not included) that creates a flat surface so your jack doesn’t slip on unstable work areas. While made in China (like most other jacks), this model is very well constructed and should last for many years.

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Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

The Arcan ALJ3T is another worthy mention because it can also get under low cars with ease, making this jack a good option for cars with low side skirts. This particular jack is our favorite aluminum jack but it won’t get as low as the other Arcan jack above. As the only 3-ton low profile floor jack on this page, it features thick side plates and a lightweight durability not often found in jacks with this lift capacity.

Its dual pistons provide smooth, fast-rising action and contain a dust shield to prevent any hydraulic contamination. With its ball-bearing mounted wheels and protective saddle pad, it gives the user maneuverability as well as stability when necessary. Drawbacks to this jack, however, include users reporting that the robber jack pad does not last long after initial uses and that there are only a small number of manufacturer parts available for replacements.

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