Top Rated 2-Ton Floor Jacks

When it comes to finding the best 2 ton floor jack for your compact to mid-sized car, you want something with strength, durability, and that’s easy to use. Cars come in all different shapes and sizes. So do floor jacks. Picking the right one for your specific needs is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

While we recommend a 3-ton model for most users, if your vehicle is on the smaller end and you don’t plan on moving to a bigger car anytime soon, a 2-ton jack may save you some money and be lighter and easier to move at the same time.

With quite a few aluminum and steel models available on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming when shopping for a 2-ton hydraulic jack that’s going to provide you with all the necessary features in an easy-to-store design. Fortunately, we’ve done the research on some of the most popular 2-ton models available and have our favorite picks listed below.

Top Pick:

Arcan XL20 Steel Service Jack

We’ve always been big fans of Arcan jacks and the 2-ton XL20 is no exception. What this model lacks in size it makes up for in power. The XL20 low profile steel jack features a dual-pump action that allows it to reach its maximum lift height (18.1 inches) quickly and efficiently. Only 3.5 inches of clearance is needed making it perfect for low profile vehicles. On top of the lifting arm is a rubber saddle pad to protect your vehicle, a strong, non-wobbly, 2-piece handle with quick lock function, and bearing mounted swivel casters for heightened maneuverability.

While the steel Arcan’s 67 lb weight is not light when compared with aluminum jacks, you won’t experience any handle flex that comes with many of those models. In addition, steel construction is cheaper than aluminum so you’ll save yourself some money. Put this next to a Craftsman jack or other cheaper brand and you can easily see the quality difference. Actually use it, and see how much quicker and easier it is to use.

While it’s classified as a low-profile jack, there are still going to be some cars (ie: S2000, Corvette, Miata) that may not have enough clearance. For those we’d recommend the XL2T with its minuscule 2.75 inch clearance, which just so happens to be our favorite low profile floor jack.

Designed with the home mechanic in mind, the XL20 is the best floor jack in the 2-ton capacity category and is an excellent representation of Arcan quality.

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Runners Up:

Arcan ALJ2T Aluminum Floor Jack

This sleek, aluminum jack by Arcan may be a smaller model, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in power. It features a two-stage lift function that allows it to reach its maximum lift height (19-1/4 inches) quickly and efficiently. Another great feature of this low-profile jack lies in its ability to get under low loads with ease. As with the steel model above, only 3.5 inches of clearance is needed for use on low slung vehicles.

We also love its slick, sturdy, and lightweight design, which is due in part to its brushed aluminum finish. You can tell this product was constructed with the consumer in mind – it even features a side mounted handle that provides for easy carrying and positioning. Weighing just under 50 lbs. and only 26.5” in length, it provides for easy storage when not in use.

arcan-ALJ2T-reviewThe only drawbacks of this aluminum jack lie within its staying power. Many users have reported that after a year or so, this product doesn’t work as well as it did right out of the box. Luckily, this company does offer a limited warranty, perfect if you are worried about this jack not keeping up with your needs after an extended period of time.

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Hein-Werner HW93642 Floor Jack

2-ton-floor-jack-reviewsOur 2nd runner up is this model by Hein-Werner. This high quality product has impressive features including a cast iron arm to lift heavy loads, as well as flanged side plates for added strength and support. Its hydraulic pump is tightly sealed to prevent contamination of any kind. It can lift vehicles up to 20 inches, while providing a low 3-3/4” inch pick up height, making it another good low profile option.

Assembled in the USA and featuring an eye-catching blue and yellow design, this is another great choice for smaller 2-ton jacks and goes well with the Hein-Werner jack stands. Drawbacks of this product, however, include a much heavier weight (96 lbs.) and a one-piece handle that proves difficult to remove.

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Torin T82751 Pro Series 5500 Heavy Duty Floor Jack

This model by Torin is also a good option in the 2-ton jack category. Although it weighs 78 lbs, it has a lift capacity of over 2.5 tons (2.75 to be exact). Included is an excellent build-in safety overload system to ensure it never goes beyond capacity. Its wide stance means extra stability when you need it most, while steel casters provide a 360-degree swivel for extra maneuverability.

Relatively lightweight for a jack that provides a capacity of almost 3-tons, there are still some drawbacks to this particular model. The manufacturer states a lift height of 19.3-inches, although many users claim that might not be an accurate number as it doesn’t seem to lift this high during practical use. There are better 2-ton jacks on the market, but this model provides a great inexpensive alternative to other models out there.

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