Top Rated Jack Stands for Safety

While having a good floor jack is incredibly important for your vehicle, just as important is having a good set of car jack stands. While a hydraulic jack does a great job lifting a car, you certainly don’t want it to be the only thing between you and thousands of pounds of vehicle above you. There are literally dozens of jack stand models on the market in all sort of price ranges. Below are what I believe to be the best jack stands currently on the market. While you’re at it, don’t forget the mechanics creeper and wheel chocks.

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Top Picks:

ESCO #10498 3-Ton Jack Stands

These ESCO model #10498 stands are literally the best of the best and are quickly gaining a loyal following among mechanics and auto enthusiasts. The first thing you’ll notice is the tripod-type feet that actually allow them to have incredible stability. Also unique is the large circular rubber pad on top that both protects against scratching paint as well as a large, more stable surface to sit on.

Each ESCO stand is able to support up to 3 tons of weight and adjusts from 13 inches all the way to 21 inches. While you’ll need to jack up your vehicle a bit higher to get these stands underneath your vehicle, the maximum height is among the highest you’ll find. The center shaft is solid steel (instead of hollow) again showing the commitment to safety.

Since the ESCO jack stands are sold individually, the biggest downside is the price. Also, some users have noted that the quality of welding is not the cleanest but that’s getting a bit nitpicky. For most German cars with round jack points, the ESCOs are a must. Visit any BMW, Porsche, Corvette, or other car enthusiast forum and you’ll quickly find that owners swear by these and will never go back to the old-fashioned ratcheting type again. A great buy and personally, I now use these on my own vehicles as well.

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Torin T43004 3-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands

Sold in pairs, these 3-ton aluminum jack stands by Torin are one of the most popular car jack stands on the market. With a patented design, these adjustable jack stands offer lightweight mobility and a cast aluminum base that makes for exceptional support capabilities. The base measures at 6 3/4″ from side to side, giving you extra-wide support where you need it most. The strong aluminum tubing is finished with an all-anodized finish, giving a sleek look to this set of stands.

This model jack stand features a 5-hole adjustment and is secured safely with a locking bearing, meaning this jack stand will always come through when you need it to. The height range for this model ranges from 10 ¾” to the maximum height of 15 5/8” so if you haven’t had luck finding good low profile jack stands, your search is over. These jack stands are a good fit for almost any type of car. If you take your vehicle to the track, pairing these with a good quick lift racing jack is a great combination.

Many users prefer the pin design of this jack to the ratchet design of its competitors because of their slower release and less fear of rusting. Overall, the quality of these stands is highly praised by users. With a base that will stand sturdy and an impressive lift capacity, this model will provide you the perfect amount of functionality and stability when you are working on your next project. That said, even though these are perfectly capable, some users will choose to stick with steel construction (no matter what) as opposed to aluminum.

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Runners Up:

Hein-Werner HW93503 3-Ton Jack Stands

These blue and yellow auto jack stands by Hein-Werner are our first runner up. Sold in pairs, these sleek looking stands also have a 3-ton capacity and a lift height of 19 inches. What sets this model of jack stands apart from its competitors is the saddle column, which provides state-of-the-art ratchet action height adjustment.

The great multi-position ratchet bar gives you strength and control when you need it most. What’s more, the wide base provides excellent stability and will never sink into the pavement when you are doing your work.

Users are loving the durability of this model jack stand by Hein-Werner, however have commented that the construction of the base could be improved due to the welded, triangle-shaped feet not being one solid piece. However, because of its American-made assembly and good stability and functionality, this is a great choice for heavy duty jack stands. Matches well with our top USA made floor jacks.

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Torin T43002A 3-Ton Jack Stands

The budget option, these Torin stands are the picture of versatility and almost identical to more expensive Craftsman jack stands. To begin, they are available as either 2-ton, 3-ton, or 6-ton jack stands, so you only need to pay for the support you specifically need. Each of the 3 varieties of this jack has a solid steel handle and a ratchet hold for double locking protection and extra fine adjustment.

A quick adjustment mechanism means that it will always securely snap into place and provide you with the safety and support you need. The handle also serves as a carry handle when not in use, and these jack stands also feature a saddle column release for additional functionality. The patented design of the stand features four legs that will always provide a strong support system and will never sink into the ground, even when on a typically uneven surface.

A few users warn that some models ordered had faulty welds, so the welds should always be inspected before use. Despite that warning, the Torin T43002A jack stands will provide you the support you need at a low price.

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Top Picks (Heavy Duty Jack Stands)

Omega Magic Lift 12-Ton Jack Stands

Think all jack stands are the same? Think again. These massive jack stands have a unique (and patented) easy lift technology where the ratchet bar automatically rises by simply lifting the handle. It sounds gimmicky, but works really well.

Rated at 12-tons per pair, they will handle pretty much anything (up to 12,000 pounds per corner). As you might guess, hefty stands such as this are on the heavy side and we’re talking about 40 lbs each here. Minimum height is 19.75 inches with the max being 30.25 inches.

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Sunex 1410 10-Ton Jack Stands

If you need a set of heavy duty tall jack stands, this 10-ton set from Sunex really delivers. With a max lift height of 46.5″ (min of 28.1″), they are actually very stable with a heavy duty support tube that wraps around the four legs. Great for commercial use. Well built and heavy (sorry UPS guy). Also available in low (17.3″ max height) and medium (29.9″ max height) versions.

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